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If you have an question that's not listed below, then please send us question via the 'Contact us' page.
  • How do I stay anonymous when receiving payments?
    For someone to pay you a tip or something else, all you share with them is the QR code or link. When the payment is made the following is visible to the payer: Your display name; The name and short text of the tip jar if the payment is a tip. If the payer choses to request a receipt, Tipperoo will send it to their email address. The receipt does not include any additional information about you.
  • How are my payments anonymous?
    Tipperoo will keep your information hidden from the person who you are paying. Your email address entered in the payment process, the 'name on card', card details and other information stored with Apple Pay or Google Pay are sent to the payment provider who requires this information for regulatory reasons, but this information is not sent on to the Tipperoo user who you are paying. Your email address is used by Tipperoo to send you a receipt (if you request one) or to send you tickets to an event. If you fill in your 'name' (up to you what you enter) and a message during payment, then this is all the information the person you are paying will be able to view. If you do not leave your name, then you will be known as 'anonymous payer'.
  • How do I get the money I receive with Tipperoo?
    Your Tipperoo wallet balance is yours and you can transfer part or all of it to your bank account or debit card linked to your bank account. We will transfer the money once per week, but you can choose to set the schedule to once a month or manually initiate a transfer at any time. You can also use your wallet balance to pay someone who has the Tipperoo app.
  • How is the transaction fee applied?
    When you receive a tip or a personal payment, the payer can decide whether the amount they pay is inclusive or exclusive of the fee. You will always receive the net amount of the transaction.
  • Who is the ‘tip jar manager’?
    This can be decided based on circumstances or existing practice at the venue. It can be left to staff to organise or to the manager.
  • How is the distribution of tips determined?
    The tip jar manager sets the distribution of tips, based upon the venue's practice. Tipperoo offers a few quick and easy ways to set distribution rules. Tipperoo calculates the pay out everyone receives. Tipping amounts can be made public for all tip jar members to see, or can be hidden.
  • When are tips distributed?
    It is up to the tip jar manager how to manage distribution and this may be different from venue to venue. For venues with fixed staff, a daily or weekly pay out may suit, when there are shifts with different staff, pay out at the end of the shift may be appropriate. Pay out is initiated by the tip jar manager with a tap of a button. Tipperoo does the rest.
  • Do staff members need the Tipperoo app?
    Yes, the Tipperoo app is needed for staff members to ‘join; the tip jar and to get their share of the tip jar sent to them. Once they receive their tips’ share, the amount is added to their wallet. Staff can then transfer this money to their bank account or debit card.
  • What does it cost for venues?
    The flow of tips is separate from company accounts and admin. Staff set up their own Tipperoo accounts. The tip jar manager is responsible for distributing tips to staff. The venue may want to incorporate the QR code on signs, menus or business cards.
  • Who manages the tip jar?
    The person who manages the tip jar is called the Tip Jar Manager and this can be a staff member or leader or manager. Each venue can determine this for their own.
  • How are tips distributed?
    All staff members including the tip jar manager, have the Tipperoo app. Once the tip jar is created, each staff member can join the tip jar. Tips are first collected in the tip jar and then sent to each individual tip jar member's Tipperoo wallet balance.
  • How long does it take for money to be transferred to staff?
    When the tip jar manager taps the 'pay out' button, the money will be instantly sent to each tip jar member's Tipperoo wallet balance. From there, staff members can decide to transfer the money to their bank account.
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