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Beta Trial Participation Agreement

  1. The Venue will allow the use of Tipperoo’s app ‘Tip Jars’ function by the Venue’s staff within the Venue, during the beta trial.

  2. The Tipperoo app needs to be downloaded by all staff participating in the trial and each staff member must complete the registration in Tipperoo. The app will allow the Venue to create a tip jar QR code and display this QR code in the Venue. Customers can use the QR code to pay tips into the Tipperoo tip jar. The staff member acting as tip jar manager can allow other staff to join the tip jar. The tip jar manager can distribute the tip jar balance to staff members. Staff members can transfer their share of tips to their bank account or debit card.

  3. Tipperoo will notify the venue when the beta trial is about to begin. The start date will be during June 2021.

  4. The current planned end date of the beta trial is end of August 2021. Tipperoo may want to extend the trial and will notify the Venue if an extension is planned. Tipperoo can end the beta trial at any time without prior notice, but Tipperoo commits to informing the Venue as soon as possible.

  5. If at the end of the beta trial, outstanding tip jar or wallet balances exist, Tipperoo will automatically transfer the balances to registered bank accounts registered by the Tipperoo users.  

  6. There will be no fees or charges by Tipperoo to the Venue for the use of the Tipperoo app. There will be no fees deducted from transactions through the Tipperoo app.

  7. The Venue does not have an obligation to allow the trial to continue if the Venue decides to end participation, however, the Venue commits to inform Tipperoo of this by email.

  8. Tipperoo will adhere to all privacy obligations its legally bound by. Tipperoo’s privacy policy is published via the app and the website. Each user will agree to Terms and Conditions as well as the Privacy Policy when they register their user account on the app.

  9. Tipperoo will not use private data of the Venue and its staff for any purpose other than the administering of the beta trial.

  10. Tipperoo will contact Tipperoo app users from time to time to gather their feedback regarding the user experience of the app. Tipperoo will keep the feedback private and will only use it for Tipperoo’s product improvement processes. Tipperoo may gain consent from Tipperoo users and/or the Venue to use the feedback in publicity material, website or otherwise.

  11. Tipperoo is not obliged to offer any services beyond the scope of the beta trial.

  12. License to use the Tipperoo app and any other parts of the Tipperoo services will be agreed to by each user separately when signing up to the Tipperoo service on the mobile app.

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