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Digital tipping solutions to reward and enhance service excellence

Small change, big impact. Literally.

We believe tips should be given for nothing less than exceptional service.

We also believe rewarding good service can help maintain and further enhance it.

Everybody wins!

Tipperoo enables customers to easily reward your staff while you get to enjoy the related business benefits:

Happy Staff

Well-rewarded, motivated employees are more likely to:

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  • Offer better service


  • Stick with you for longer


  • Be willing to walk that extra mile for you


  • Help you build a strong employer brand by sharing their positive experience with friends and peers

Happy Staff

Eating Healthy
Happy Customers

Customers who get high-quality service are more likely to:

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  • Keep coming back for more

  • Become loyal customers


  • Spread the word through positive reviews


  • Show gratuity and reward your staff

Happy Customers

Restaurant Owner
Better Business

When both staff and customers are happy, you get to:

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Better Business

  • Maintain high level of service

  • Retain good staff

  • Save time and money on staff and staff issues

  • Enhance operational efficiency

  • Build a stronger brand and grow revenue

Easier for your Customers

Expand the boundaries of good service by giving your customers a cashless and seamless tipping experience:


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​Scan QR code on in-store signage, bill, screen, or link sent to your phone.

Choose tip amount and decide whether it is inclusive or exclusive of transaction fee.


Pay Tip Jar172.png

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Pay (anonymously if you wish) via Apple pay, Google Pay, credit or debit card

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Easy as pie, cheap as chips!

Easier for you

Tips are gained through hard work but managing them shouldn’t be.
With Tipperoo you can manage tips in a breeze or even let your staff manage it themselves:


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All tips are collected to a digital tip jar, managed by you or by your staff.



The tip jar manager distributes the money to staff members in one click.


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Money is immediately transferred to staff members’ Tipperoo wallets from which it can easily be transferred to their bank account or debit card.


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100% Gain, No Pain

A hassle-free and cost-free solution for all:

  • No set-up fees

  • No app (for customers)

  • Free app (for business and staff)

  • Modest transaction fee paid by tipper


Who manages the tip jar?
How are tips distributed?
How long does it take for money to be transferred to staff?
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